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Who I am


In this personal blog I will share stories, learnings, experiences and personal views on how global operating companies and organizations innovate and keep up with the modernization trends in technologies, digitization, globalized markets and the impact thereof on their people. I hope the blog will be discussion-provoking, useful and fun to read.

I have been working in the world of Innovation for many years and I find it fascinating to support companies in their innovation journeys to a good business future. I very much like to write, consult and speak about it, and share experiences and learnings. I also like to develop new methods for this dynamic field. I am especially interested in the world of Digitization, Smart Product Innovation and its impact on Business and Product Management.

In my daily life I am VP Research of Sopheon, provider of Innovation Management and New Product Development software. I am proud to be a co-Founder of the company. My professional background is in Applied Linguistics and Information Sciences.

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